Makes me want to take a back road

Back in April, my husband and I drove about five hours from Enid to Palo Duro State Park near Amarillo, Texas, to camp with some friends for the weekend. We took the scenic route, stair-stepping across western Oklahoma under some of the most breathtaking skies I’ve ever seen. The fields were brilliant green from spring rain and the clouds were alternatingly huge and billowy and smooth and dark.

Back Road - Acrylic on canvas - 36"x36" -  See more

Back Road - Acrylic on canvas - 36"x36" - See more

I captured numerous photos as we meandered across the vast prairie and through rolling hills, one of which served as the source photo for the painting above. A painting is never done until I am happy with it, but I LOVE this one. I’m so excited about. At three feet by three feet, it can’t be ignored.

So, what else is new?

Landscape Workshops

My office is in the same building as a non-profit art studio that teaches classes for children and adults. After a little bit of one-thing-leads-to-another, I’ve decided to host my first painting workshop there. We’re planning this three-hour, weekend workshop for July, with a test-run coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

New Inspiration

So much new inspiration! After six inches of rain in less than 48 hours, the skies were glorious the other night. I’ve got this one going on my easel now. 


And Last, Studio Makeover

My art studio is in what people apparently call a three-season, or Florida, room. For some mysterious reason, there was a decorative, metal fireplace in the corner on top of a hearth – not functioning and not attached to anything. After renting this house for eight months, I decided it needed to go. We stuffed it up in the attic and I made a little staging area in its place. This gives me a nice place to photograph paintings and room for a “judging chair,” as our friend coined it – a place to sit and evaluate paintings in progress.