30 paintings in 30 days - Day 1

Here it is, the first painting! I actually did it last night, because I want to work ahead a day and I wanted to have something to share bright and early on Sept. 1, the first official day of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.

The photo on the left (or top) was my inspiration and the photo on the right (or bottom) is the finished 10"x10" painting. It's available here. I took the photo -- as well as a whole slew of others -- this past Saturday. My husband was also in need of some photos for a project he is working on, so we went out on a little drive as soon as we saw what looked to be promising activity on the radar. We headed up north and then east a bit, capturing first the oncoming storm and then later, the back edge of it, which is what you see here. You can truly see forever out where we were and the colors were brilliant -- much more so than is captured in the photograph. 

I've always liked paintings that let a little bit of the underpainting peak through. I've attempted that a couple times but, generally speaking, don't do that. I painted this panel bright pink to begin with and, if you look closely, you'll see bits of it sneaking through, and I love that.

Do I think I will actually start and finish a painting every day for 30 days? No, and I'm not even trying to do that. I like to work on lots of paintings at once and I have a handful in progress right now. I want to finish them all as part of the 30 and 30. I do want to start and finish a painting on many days, just to practice that kind of focus and determination. Really, I want to dedicate myself to my craft for the next month. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and hopefully I'll improve and make it out the other side with (upwards) of 30 new paintings under my belt.

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