30 paintings in 30 days - Day 11

Have you noticed a trend? My blog posts and corresponding emails seem to keep coming out later and later in the day. I'm hoping to get back to working a day ahead, so I can post first thing in the morning.

Drummond Sunset - 16"x20" - Available here

My husband and I have found some unique things in Oklahoma, like a really great steakhouse in the back of a gas station in a one-stop-sign town. I took the reference photo for this painting on our drive back from dinner there in June.

I started this painting months ago and worked on it for a few days and then didn't touch it again until last night.  I worked on it for a while last night but then put my paints aside as my husband had rigged up a projector and screen on the back patio. We lit a fire, drank a beer and watched the Oregon Ducks beat Virginia. Well, we watched through the 3rd quarter, which didn't end till after 12:30 a.m. So, this painting is hot off the press! Now, I'm off to mow the lawn.