30 paintings in 30 days - Day 20

For the second time so far this month, I failed to post something yesterday. I painted, though, and if we're being honest, all I am really trying to do this month is paint more -- paint, a lot! Also, my husband and I had the last of our four-week, Monday night ceramics classes last night. We glazed the pots that we made during the first few weeks. I think I will stick with painting on canvas. Ceramics was very hard for me!

This is the painting I was focusing on yesterday and this morning. I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a painting for a friend's little sister. This is it. I would say it is 98% done; I just need to make a few tiny adjustments. I'm finishing it today and shipping it to El Paso tomorrow. 

I have met some of the nicest people through selling my art. I have also found that Oklahomans tend to have a tremendous appreciation for art and that they love to support and encourage young artists. I was pleased to receive this photo a couple weeks ago of my paintings hanging in a lovely Oklahoma City home. This woman bought all three the same night!

I framed the paintings myself! I buy my lovely frames from pictureframes.com, a family-owned company in North Carolina. This are called floater frames. I just have to attach the back of the canvas to the back of the frame with a drill via the provided hardware.