30 paintings in 30 days: Day 27

For the second time in three days, my painting had a mind of it's own. I intended to paint something very similar in color to my reference photo (which is from my favorite photo-taking spot, the intersection of Garland and Willow in Enid), but this sky is much more vibrant. I even considered stopping before I painted the trees or power lines because I liked it so much.

Oklahoma Back Road Sunset - 8"x8" - Available here

The photo below was the point where I stopped and stewed about whether to continue as planned or to leave it is as is.

This last photo is my reference photo -- you can see the color of the sky is quite different. Who knows, I might paint it again and stay more true to the photograph.

I can't believe the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge is almost over! In case you're wondering, I have finished 17 paintings and I have seven more in progress. I am not particularly optimistic about the next few days though, as I have a big non-art project to finish and we have family coming to visit. Thanks so much for following along this far!