30 paintings in 30 days - Day 3

Today's painting is a sweet, little, baby painting. It's only 6"x6" and it's on cradled hardboard (which I love). meaning the sides are exposed, raw wood.

August Oncoming Storm - 6"x6" - Available here

I took the photo for this painting the same evening as the photo for painting 1 in this challenge. This was the storm approaching us (whereas painting 1 is the backside of it after it passed north of where we were). 

My husband, who is the one with actual photography skills, was taking photos for a project he is working on. He doesn't know it, but half the photos I took were photos of him taking photos :)

While I like the finished product of such little paintings, I don't enjoy the act of painting them as much as I do the big ones. I feel a little confined on such a small surface. I'll be moving back to something a little bigger next.

Have a great day and fabulous holiday weekend!