30 paintings in 30 days: Day 10

I love today's painting! It is my current favorite. I throw that term around a lot though -- my latest painting is often my favorite, until I finish a new one. It's 20"x20" and painted from a photo I took driving north on Hwy 81 in September. If you think trees on the horizon is just my shtick, I swear, there are always trees on the horizon here.

I also painted this painting from the same photo as part of September's 30 in 30 challenge. The first rendition was only 8"x8," so was much looser. You can see the source photo below. 

I am excited to be heading to New Orleans tomorrow for the first time in a year. I went to college in New Orleans and lived there and worked at an advertising agency for about a year and a half after graduating. I kept my job with the agency as my husband and I have moved around, sometimes traveling to New Orleans as often as every six weeks. I'm heading back for a couple days of freelance work and a bachelorette party for one of my best college girlfriends. The trip should be a wonderful source of inspiration and a big hiccup in my 30 in 30 endeavor :) Emails may be sporadic over the next handful of days...