30 paintings in 30 days: Day 17

It's great to be back in my studio after five days away. I'll admit that I got a late start this morning, but after I got going, I painted non-stop for several hours and again after lunch. I worked on a few paintings' backgrounds today, in addition to the painting you see below. Each painting needs multiple layers of paint, so I an easily work on a painting for days before it is anything more than a green and blue color field. There are definitely efficiencies in having more than one canvas going at a time.

This painting is 18"x24" and I am hoping to finish it tomorrow. I like it how it is for its screen print quality, but I like it as something other than a painting that fits in with my current body of work. So, it won't stay like this and by the time you see it again, it will look much different. 

And...really hoping to be able to share some finished paintings with you soon. Thanks for hanging in there with all these in-progress shots.