30 paintings in 30 days: Day 25

I am so excited about today's painting -- well, excited about how it will (hopefully) turn out. The photo is amazing and if the painting looks half as good, I'll be thrilled. As you can see I've just barely started the painting. It's 36"x36" and will be a great "window" on a wall.

Here is the reference photo.

Believe it or not, I have already painted three other paintings from this same day and they look totally different. I took all these photos in the span of an hour. What you see above is our view as we were driving north, with a storm approaching from the southwest. The painting below is looking southwest at the oncoming storm.

August Oncoming Storm - 24"x48" - Available here

And then this painting below is after the storm had passed and was moving away from us. It was my first painting from September's 30 in 30 challenge and it's still available.

Gravel Road Drive - 10"x10" - Available here

Tomorrow is not looking good for painting. I'm headed to The Collective to take down my show that has been hanging since November. I'll also be meeting with an artist friend to talk shop as well as taking a conference call for a freelance project from a coffee shop and maybe popping into some galleries.