2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Choosing art for someone can be intimidating and is a bit of a gamble. But, if you know the person you’re buying for likes the artist’s work, you can shop with more confidence. This year, I’ve put together a gift buying guide for some of the people that are sure to be on your list.

For the organized


Calendars! I picked 12 of my favorite paintings from 2017 to put in a 2018 calendar. This is an 11"x14" wall calendar and the images are 10"x10," which makes them perfect for cutting out at the end of the month and putting in an off-the-shelf frame. I’ve sold a lot of these already and people seem to love them. I’m placing one more pre-Christmas order with my local printer, so order ASAP if you want one before Christmas.

For the snoozer


Sunrise giclée. Know someone who can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning? This 14”x14” giclée print on canvas will remind him or her what the sunrise looks like. It is wired and ready to hang.

For the traditionalist


A four-pack of blank cards. Use them for "Just a note to say hello," "Happy Anniversary," "Welcome to this beautiful world, sweet baby," "Get well," basically anything. I have four different sets, all showing a variety of Oklahoma scenes. Have a special request for a larger set or want four of a particular image? Just send me an email and I’ll make it happen.

For your big love


A big painting. When you don’t know what your life would be without him or her, when it’s your tenth anniversary, when you decide to overhaul the Tuscany décor, when you live in the city but yearn for the plains, when you want to spend your money with someone other than Jeff Bezos, this 3’x4’ summer sunset is a good choice. Wired, ready to hang, shipped with care, sure to be unexpected under the tree.

For the sweet dreamer


Prints. I think these pretties look great in an office setting (to inspire your biggest goals and aspirations) and I also think they would be the cutest in a little girl's room, watching over her sweet dreams. I have quite a selection of prints here.

For the seasonally depressed


A cheery painting. For anyone trudging through the winter months, this bright, original 12"x12" painting will lighten the mood. It depicts sunset on a hot summer night when the air is heavy and still.

For the stressed and anxious


A totally zen painting. This original 20"x20" painting will bring much needed visual calm and peace to the home or office. It's easy to take a deep breath and relax while staring at this painting.

For the hard to buy for

Gift certificates! These are available in any denomination and can be used for anything I sell. Send me an email for details.

Need help? I'd be happy to have an email or phone conversation to answer any questions and help you make a decision. Contact me here.