Resources for Artists

In contrast to the many stereotypes about artists, I love selling my work, I love business and I love treating my artistic practice like a business.

I am fortunate to have worked at an ad agency for seven years; while there, I learned so much about marketing in general, and digital marketing specifically. Over the past few years, I have written a lot about marketing for artists, and more broadly about advice for artists just starting out. I have collected all those posts here so they are easy to find and get to. I also have a couple resources focused on actually painting (rather than on the business aspect of being an artist).

Painting Supplies List

This PDF helps you make sense of the overwhelming aisle of paints and brushes. I share my favorite colors and when I think it’s important to invest in top-quality supplies and when I think you can save.

Paint Mixing Guide

I’ll admit this chart and the instructions seem way more confusing than they actually are. If you can figure this out and make your own guide, it will be an invaluable tool. I have used mine since Painting 101 at Tulane in 2006.

How to Not be a Starving Artist: Part 1

This post talks about being visible, being open for business and being professional.

How to Not be a Starving Artist: Part 2

This post talks about being open for business and the logistics of actually making sales.

How to Not be a Starving Artist: Part 3

This post goes into detail on being professional and shares the top five things that I think help you look like a pro.

How to: Art Festival Set-up

Showing your work at an art festival is no joke. This post gets into all the details about tents, walls, lights, weights, rain…you name it.

Pricing: A How-to For Artists Just Starting Out

We all know pricing is one of the hardest things for artists. This post will help you think through how to price your work.

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