Leave Your Day Job: How to Transition from Hobby Business to Career
Leave Your Day Job: How to Transition from Hobby Business to Career

Leave Your Day Job: How to Transition from Hobby Business to Career

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This guide is both for artists that are evaluating whether to leave their day job and for artists that know they want to. It’s full of the kind of no-nonsense information you need when making such a big decision.

The guide includes:

  • 3 questions to ask yourself before you think about quitting

  • Important financial questions to consider

  • 3 ways to make a lot of money selling art

  • How to figure out how much you need to sell per month

  • Monthly sales plans for 3 different types of visual artists

  • How to determine when to leave your job

  • 6 ways to expand your reach

  • My favorite tip for not getting overwhelmed

  • An announcement plan for quitting

  • 6 ways to promote your business when you quit

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“‘Grow Your Business’ was just perfect and everything was explained so well and with enough detail to get the point across but also without overwhelming the reader. I felt like everything was perfectly mapped out step-by-step and very clear. The formatting was great as well. This guide is absolutely amazing and gold for anyone who is starting out in the biz. Honestly, I wish I could have read this two years ago and saved me all the trial and error and countless hours of watching YouTube videos.”


“‘Grow Your Business: Five Marketing Tactics that Actually Work’ is liquid gold. Catherine's background in advertising shines through with concrete tips and tricks that have led to her success. She is truly "passing the baton" to artists and entrepreneurs just starting their journey!”


“These guides are full of such valuable information! I love your straightforward and concise writing style! Growing an art business and sharing my work is intimidating, but you’ve broken it down into actionable steps. The charts and lists are really helpful. Reading them has given me a road map for taking my art side hustle to a more profitable business. My mind is buzzing with ideas!”