Framed art print of a prairie sunset with purple, pink, and orange clouds.
Vertical landscape painting of a prairie sunset with purple, pink, and orange clouds.
Framed wall art of a colorful sunset with a chair and side table.
Close-up of signed fine art prints with detail and texture.

Sunset Down a Dirt Road a Vertical Art Print

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This sunset art print is the quintessential Oklahoma scene -- flat land as far as the eye can see with an expansive sky and striking clouds. The browns, pinks, and oranges, make this a warm and cozy piece of landscape wall art.

Fine art prints are a fantastic way to add art to your wall. They are much more affordable than original art and give you the flexibility to choose the size that is right for your space. The colors are vibrant, and the print quality is so good that people often cannot tell whether these are prints or original paintings!

Pairs well with:

Thinking of hanging two or more prints together to make a bigger impact on your wall? I love pairing this prairie print with Glacier to Spokane. The sunsets have some similar shape clouds and colors, but the terrain is different, which makes them an interesting pair.


  • This is a signed fine art print of one of my original, acrylic paintings.
  • Prints 11”X14” and smaller have a .25” to .5” white border and are shipped flat.
  • Prints larger than 11”x14” can be ordered with or without a .5” border and are shipped rolled.
  • Your print is custom-made just for you! Please allow five business days for production.

Please note:

The print sizes we offer are not all the same ratio; we have carefully cropped the painting to suit each print size. Your print may be cropped a tiny bit differently than the image you see here.

Due to differences in screen displays, colors may vary slightly. If you have any concerns, please contact me. All sales are final.

Framing is not included.

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