"Well I've never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma"

"Well I've never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma"

This is an original 24"x48" painting of a two lane road in Enid, Oklahoma. I took the photo for the painting on a May 2016 evening when I was out chasing clouds. Over the course of a couple hours, I captured countless photos as the clouds changed. This bank of clouds was notable for the pinks and oranges in it. I loved the way the wheat -- almost ready for harvest -- looked in the evening light.

The sides are painted dark green to match the trees. I signed the painting on the front and back and it is wired and ready to hang.

I ship my paintings with care via UPS. A $7 handling fee will be added to your order. Any necessary shipping is estimated separately and I will send you an invoice.

Kind words about my paintings

"Your paintings are absolutely beautiful online... But even more awesome in real life. I don't think the online pics catch how vivid the detail and colors pop through. They easily and consistently exceed expectations."

Collector in Maryland

"We are thrilled. This is just the most beautiful addition to our living room. It’s the first thing you see when you walk through our door! The details are extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world. I hope to add more of your beautiful work to our home."

Collector in Florida

"Probably the best piece I have gotten from Catherine, and maybe best the piece I own. It is magical."

Collector in Oklahoma

"Thank you so much for this beautiful art.  Its so much
better than I even expected.  You will definitely be hearing from me in the future - I love your work."  

Collector in California

"My husband has Kansas by air #9 in his home office.  He
is on video calls all day long and wants everyone to see it as his background- it looks so great on Zoom."

Collector in Kansas

"We received your painting today and we just love it!! Thank
you so much."

Collector in Texas

"I am so pleased with the small one that matches the other two. I love the two large ones!! Simply beautiful!!"

Collector in Ohio

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