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Back in January, during a long, cold walk around our neighborhood, my husband and I talked about my business’s mission. We talked about the positive impact art has on people’s lives. We discussed my guiding beliefs about art…


… everyone deserves to have art in their home and in their workplace that makes them feel good.

… art is for all budgets.

… you don't need an art history degree to know what you like.

… choosing art for your space is a way to express yourself and everyone should feel confident in purchasing art that makes them happy.

We worked on a mission statement for my business.


All this led to me spending a lot of time this year thinking about ways to make my art more accessible for people.

Today, I’m excited to introduce a totally new line of products. The line features the bright, happy color combinations I am known for and includes a wide range of products, so it is easier for more folks to enjoy my art and in new ways.

I started by painting the five wood panels shown above. I scanned them at a suuuuuper high resolution and uploaded the files to Society6, a company that allows artists to print and sell their art on a variety of products.

There are more than 50 products available! I have samples of a few of my favorites below. Click here to see all of my designs. Click here to shop all products. I also have a number of my landscape paintings available as art prints on Society6.



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