Daily Painting Project


A month ago, I committed to doing a small painting every day. The paintings are 5”x7” and are gouache on watercolor paper. My mom deserves all the credit for this. She decided to commit to two of her goals (read more here) and encouraged me to join in. I am really proud of her (and thankful) for deciding to start exercising. I’m a big fan of exercise and am certain that there is nothing more important than having your health. I’ve never undertaken a daily practice like this — other than brushing my teeth — and I enjoyed holding myself accountable.

With this project, I wanted to try some simpler compositions, some bolder brush strokes and some slightly different subject matter. Most days, I found it easier to default to a mini version of my “normal” paintings, but I am super excited about the collection overall and about some of the new things I tried.

I made these paintings available every day on Instagram. All 28 that I have completed so far have sold; many sold within five minutes of me posting them! If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, you can see what I am up to here.

See close ups of a couple of my favorites below.



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