Five dos and don'ts for styling art and furniture

I recently got together with Casey of Casey Grace Studios for a fun styling photoshoot. She refurbishes high-end furniture, giving the pieces a totally new life. Her colorful furniture and my vibrant paintings are a natural fit!

We spent several hours arranging her pieces with mine and accessorizing with all the fun décor pieces from her shop.

Here we share five easy dos and don’ts for successful styling.

1. Do use accessories to fill a large space

Painting over buffet

At first pass, I might think this painting is too small to hang over this dresser. But by adding tasteful accessories on both sides of the painting, the space on top and above the furniture feels full. Additionally, since the colors in the painting echo the color of the furniture, the pairing feels natural.

2. Do use colors in the same family

gallery wall with landscape paintings over buffet

On this gallery wall, all the paintings have some similar greens and pinky-melon colors, so the paintings coordinate well. The buffet is a super bright green compared to the greens in the paintings, which is a compelling juxtaposition. All the different greens in the art and the furniture – plus the plant! – make for a natural, fresh feel.

3. Don’t overdo it

contemporary painting over dresser

If you have a large, statement piece, sometimes you don’t need much in terms of accessories. This is especially true if the art is nearly as wide as the furniture.

4. Do connect the furniture and décor elements

contemporary landscape painting over dresser

You want the art to feel like it is chosen and installed intentionally with the furniture. You want your eye to flow naturally from furniture to art, like the pieces are connected – rather than disparate components of your room. The vertical décor elements in this scene span the vertical distance between the top of the buffet and the bottom of the painting, making the whole vignette feel very cohesive.

5. Don’t forget function

landscape painting over desk

Of course, one of the most important considerations is what you’re using the furniture for. You never want the art or décor to get in the way of the furniture actually being useful! Here, we have a small piece of art and simple décor paired with a desk.

You can shop my paintings here and Casey’s amazing furniture here.

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