Five Reasons Fine Art Prints are a Smart Decorating Choice


Is your décor in need of a little – or major – update? Have you been following and loving an artist’s work for a while and wanting to buy? There are so many reasons that fine art prints are a smart decorating choice for your home; here are five. And…now is the perfect time for a spring refresh.

1. Prints provide way more flexibility than original art.


The photo on the left shows an 8"x10" print. The photo on the right shows a 30"x40" print of the same image.

There is only one of an original painting. Only one person can have it, and only in the exact size the artist painted it in, and on that specific surface.

Fine art prints allow multiple people to enjoy the same piece of art – and in different sizes. This is wonderful because you may love a painting, but if it is 4’x5,’ you may not have the space or budget for it. Prints allow you to get the art you want in a size that works for you. You can’t do this with an original.

Prints can also be made on different types of materials (called substrates): archival paper, canvas, and even unique surfaces like metal and wood. Depending on a print’s substrate, you may decide to get it framed. Framing options are endless, which allows you to further customize the art for your style and space.

2. Fine art prints are high-quality.


The picture on the left shows the detail in a 30"x40" print. I'm holding the same print in 16"x20."  

My prints often get mistaken for original art! For whatever reason, some people seem to have a negative perception of prints until they see them. Maybe they confuse prints with posters – the things teenagers tack up in their rooms. A print is the same ­concept – it’s a reproduction, or copy, of an original piece of work – but the quality is off the charts compared to posters.

Fine art prints use top-quality ink and are printed on a thick paper that often has a little bit of texture to it. They are not shiny like posters and you can see the details of the original painting.

I – and my other artist friends – only sell prints that we would be proud to hang in our homes…prints that look like the real deal.

3. Prints are more affordable than original art.


This original, 30"x40" painting sold for $1,600. A print the same size sells for $300.

Beyond stating the obvious – that original art may not be in your budget, there are a few specific benefits to prints being more affordable:

  • Because of their lower price point, you may be able to get multiple prints – this is great if you like to switch up your décor throughout the year.
  • If you have a fixed budget for decorating, you’ll be able to buy a larger piece of art if you opt for a print instead of an original. Sometimes bigger is better.
  • If you’re new to collecting art, prints are a great intro before committing to an original. After having a print – or multiple – on your walls for a while, you’ll start to get a feel for the subject matter, style, and colors of art you like to look at every day. Bringing prints into your home and living with art will allow you to eventually purchase an original with confidence.
  • If you know what you like, but it’s not the right time to spring for “forever art” – it’s not in your budget, you’re planning to move or renovate, or you have little kids – prints are a fantastic way to get beautiful, high-quality art on your walls without having to make a big commitment.

4. You’ll value prints more when you know the artist.


All the pieces on my gallery wall (prints and originals) are by artists I know personally or follow online.

When you buy a print from an artist you know – for real, or even just online – you’re getting everything you know about them and their work: their inspiration, their creation process, maybe what their studio looks like and what they look like. You may know what their life is like and what things are important to them. Every time you see their art in your home, you’ll think of all that – you’ll have a connection to the art, which makes it more special and valuable to you.

Your connection to the art and artist can even become a talking point when you have guests in your home. Doesn’t that feel more meaningful than buying décor from a big box store or Amazon?

5. You’re supporting the artist’s business.

For many artists, prints are an important part of a sustainable business model. Your support helps keep your favorite artists in business and helps them continue to create beautiful work. In the long-run, an artist’s ongoing success could even make your print more valuable!

I hope this was helpful and that you now understand what a fantastic option prints are.

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