New Collection: "Paintings From Paintings"

in-progress paintings

So many times, I have looked at a finished painting of mine and seen multiple paintings within the painting. Meaning, you could cut the painting into several pieces and have multiple, separate paintings that all were their own, successful, compositions.

Most of my paintings capture huge, expansive views of wide-open spaces. This idea of paintings within paintings would mean focusing on a smaller portion of what’s in the “viewfinder” – a more intimate view.

I left in mid-September for a trip to Europe not feeling un-inspired per se, but definitely without an idea of what I wanted to paint next. The new scenery as well as the space and time away from my studio worked its magic to bring me a new idea on the flight home – right as I was switching my brain back into work-mode. On the flight from Amsterdam to Portland, I sketched out the 12 ideas below.

sketchbook with landscape sketches

All but two are cropped portions of paintings I have already completed. The other two are sketched straight from the reference photos, but are much “smaller” views than I would typically paint. I’ll show you a couple examples of these “Paintings from paintings” below.

Example 1

painting progress photos

Example 2

in-progress paintings

After returning home, I got right to work on a collection of 15 paintings from paintings (I found three more I wanted to paint) and I am nearly finished with them. I have loved exploring and celebrating these smaller moments within my paintings, as well as revisiting some of my favorite scenes and paintings yet again, but from a different perspective.

These 15 paintings – the collection is called “Paintings From Paintings” – will be available to my email subscribers Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 8 a.m. PT. Each painting is 20”x20” and framed in a birch strip frame. They are $725 each, which includes pick up at my gallery or shipping within the Untied States. There is no sales tax.

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Painting of flowers

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