Holiday Shopping Guide for Everyone on Your List

A lot of people I know – myself included – have all sorts of ambitions when it comes to gift buying – get the recipient something they will like (obviously), support small businesses, support local businesses, buy something unique -- it's a lot. I am honored you’re here and considering shopping with me this holiday season.

I know buying art for someone else can be tricky, so I’m here to help you out. Of course, you can also email me ( with any questions, or come into the gallery to shop in person.

I’ve covered a few of the people that might be on your list…

The PNW-lover

Columbia Gorge Art Print

“View From Crown Point” is my current best-selling print and it is available in six sizes. It features the gorgeous, iconic Columbia River Gorge – definitely one of the seven wonders of the Pacific Northwest, if not the world. Now, if you have a bit more room in your budget for your PNW-lover, I recommend this stunning 4’ painting.

The outdoorsy minimalist

Peaceful art print by bed

This print just screams (ha!) peace and quiet. I love the simplicity of it, the wide, open space, and the subtle details in the color shifts. It is available in six sizes in looks perfect with minimalist decor.

The bag lady

Colorful tote bag

You can never have enough bags, right? Different sizes, styles, colors, materials…one in the back seat for just-in-case, one under your work desk, some in the closet. One for the grocery, one for the beach. A little pouch for make up. I mean the list goes on. I love these vibrant striped options.

The creative one that needs a little nudge

Know someone who has art supplies buried in the guest bedroom closet but whose only creative outlet has been rearranging throw pillows lately? I have pre-recorded online painting classes. At only one or two hours each, this might be the nudge your friend needs to get back in it.

The person that writes and sends thank yous the next day (We all know one)

Note cards with landscape painting

We know this person probably has a stash of stationery, but also that they actually use it. They’ll definitely appreciate some cards with art on them. I have three sets of note cards available. Each pack comes with eight cards and envelopes. Choose the colors and theme you think they’ll like best.

The person who deserves a beautiful sunrise every morning

 Abstract Sunrise Painting

I mean, doesn’t everyone deserve to wake up to something cheery every day? I have three sunrise paintings available. One shows the sun coming up over Washington’s Willapa Bay and two show the sun coming up south of Portland in the winter. This large triptych would look stunning installed in a bedroom over a dresser or settee. To be frank, I think this triptych would look good a lot of places. Reception area, dining room, over the mantel, etc.

The person who leaves work at work and actually slows down over the holidays

Beach sunset puzzle

I have a lot of puzzles available through Society6 and Fine Art America, in varying degrees of difficulty.

The one who’s a little bit old school

Wall Calendar with landscape art

I keep like five calendars, including a couple of paper ones. This calendar – designed by my husband and me, printed and bound by small businesses in Portland – is perfect for glancing at to see, “Oh yah, the third is a Tuesday…” It’s something bright and cheery to look at for 365 days.

The one who’s thinking about maybe starting to exercise

You gotta have the right gear. A cheery yoga mat is a fantastic start. Hey, just some light stretching is better than nothing, right?

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me:

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