30 paintings in 30 days: Day 9

Today's painting is HARD. It is of an August sunset near Ringwood, Oklahoma, which is about 30 minutes west of us.

I started this 30"x48" painting back in August and made great initial progress on it. Then I touched it one day during September's 30 in 30 challenge and it's been in the time-out corner since. I've made huge progress on it it today, but it's wearing me out and I have a ways to go. The photo above is of it's current state. The photo below is what it looked like when I started painting just before 9 this morning. The bottom photo is my inspiration -- as you can see, that whole purple-cloud-meets-yellow-cloud thing is giving me fits.


If you haven't figured it out yet, my goal for this month is not to actually start and finish a painting every day; rather, it is to make massive strides on all the work I need to do to fill my booth at April's Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts